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Partner Visa

Excel immigration is featuring as pioneer as immigration consultants helping myriad professionals to settle in Australia. Unwavering efforts of ours being partner visa migration agent Brisbane has enabled many individuals to settle abroad on partner visa. With our assistance as partner visa migration agent, people from different ethnic backgrounds, qualifications and professions have settled in Australia on partner visa living life of their dreams. Customer satisfaction is our top priority as partner visa migration agent Melbourne, rest comes next. Partner visa allows the individual to live in Australia if your spouse or partner is an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. However, in order to be eligible applicant must be at least 18 years of age and should be legally married. They should be in relationship for more than 12 months and should be committed to each other.

There are two stages for partner visa, and we being partner visa migration agent Brisbane will assist you at both the stages. At the first stage, the applicants are issued a temporary visa for 2 years and then after re-examining the status of couple, genuine applicants are issued a permanent visa at stage 2. Whosoever, living in Australia or may be outside is eligible to apply for partner visa. Once the marital status is approved, candidate become permanent resident of Australia. He or she is permitted to study, work and live in Australia and is eligible to enjoy all the benefits.

If you want to apply for Australia in this category you can appoint us as your partner visa migration agent Melbourne or partner visa migration agent Brisbane.

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