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Temporary Residency(485 visa)

Being at the top in immigration countries across globe, Australia offers a plenty of opportunities to widen the horizon. Australia is known for its cultural diversity, high employment rates, high wages, scenic beauty and top class education system. Therefore, it attracts a lot of people from other countries to migrate and settle. Temporary resident visa policy of Australia open the gateways to enter on temporary basis. This adds to the economic, cultural and social status of the nation. Temporary visa Australia permits the migrants to live and work for a limited time frame.

Only selected clean of people who are coming with a specific purpose are given temporary resident visa Australia. There are four categories of temporary visa which includes skilled, temporary work/activity, training and international relations. Temporary residence demands timely payment of taxes based on the earnings. Temporary resident Australia will not be able to enjoy the benefits of public health care and social welfare. Applicants of temporary resident visa Australia must fulfil the health and character requirements as per the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Our team of professionals at excel immigration will facilitate your process of temporary resident visa after verifying the category you fit the best. Once the category is decided, our experts will prepare and submit your visa application with department of immigration. We are a recognised immigration firm that provides solutions to all your queries. Our aim is to solve all the immigration needs of our clients who want to migrate to Australia temporary visa within a specific timeframe.

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